Friday, May 13, 2016

New Release at Bookcliff Vineyards - MALBEC 2015

Bookcliff Vineyards bottled its 2015 Malbec, not just in a 750ml regular bottle with label, but also in a handsome carafe that can be refilled at the winery. People told us about their great experience in Italy where they could their empty bottle and get it filled with wine. Now you can do it right here in Boulder. Lower your carbon foot-print and buy a Bookcliff Vineyards' Malbec in a carafe; no more recycling. Come on over and get started with the program today.

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Introducing the Bookcliff Vineyards' Team

Bookcliff Vineyards has grown in 2016 as more people joined the team in March getting ready for a busy summer season. New to the team are Daniel helping with the winemaking and selling wine at the Boulder farmers' market, Mary serving in the tasting room and Logan selling wine to stores and restaurants. Before you know it the season of outdoor festivals is in full-swing and you can enjoy some Bookcliff wine where ever you are. Raise a glass to some great Colorado wine.

Sunday, April 24, 2016

Mother's Day Dinner at Bookcliff Vineyards

Enjoy a special treat and come to our winery for a fabulous five course winemaker dinner prepared by chef Willem deFroy. You enjoy the food and wine sitting amongst the barrels and we provide the entertainment and do the dishes.
This is a five course dinner. Come join us. 

Date: May 7th, 2016
Time: 6:30pm
Cost: $75.00/person

Location: BookCliff Vineyards winery and tasting room, 1501 Lee Hill Road #17, Boulder, CO 80304
Reservations:  [Click Here]
1. “Assiette Norvégienne”, smoked fish and seafood served with celery root and cucumber paired with 2015 Viognier
2. Arugula salad with crisp pancetta and chicken galantine paired with 2013 Ensemble
3. Pecan, walnut, and almond crusted pork tenderloin roasted garlic infused sweet potato mashers  paired with 2013 Petit Verdot
4. Pan seared duck “Magret” grilled Belgian endive apricot compote paired with 2013 Crescendo
5. Lemon curd pavlova with fresh berries paired with port-style Black Muscat

Saturday, April 2, 2016

Upccoming Winemaker Dinner at Bookcliff Vineyards with Duo Denver

It is hard to believe the final dinner this season of Wine and Food with Local Chefs is less than a week away. This is a five course dinner exquisitely prepared by great local chefs and perfectly paired with wines from BookCliff Vineyards. Join us for one of the most memorable dinners in town. 
If you are thinking of coming to the dinner, don't procrastinate, as the dinners tend to sell out.    
Date: April 7th, 2016 - Tyler Skrivanek with Duo
Time: 6:00pm
Cost: $75.00/person
Location: BookCliff Vineyards winery and tasting room, 1501 Lee Hill Road #17, Boulder, CO 80304
Reservations: [Click Here]  

Menu for dinner with Tyler Skrivanek from Duo on 4/7/16
1. Oxford farm baby greens, speck / pears / French blue cheese/ fine herbs paired with 2012 Reserve Syrah
 2. Fennel Wild boar Meatballs, grits / smoked sea salt paired with 2012 Barrel Syrah 
3. Creamed Mushroom Toast, grilled flax seed bread / spicy greens paired with 2014 Reserve Malbec 
4. Malbec Braised buffalo brisket, crème fresh Pomme potatoes /winter spinach/ golden beets / hazelnut pink pepper relish paired with 2014 Barrel Malbec 
5. Flourless chocolate torte, dark chocolate ganche / brown butter caramel / pecan brittle paired with port-style Souzao 

Friday, February 26, 2016

BookCliff Viognier 2014 fares well in blind tasting

Paula Mitchell from Exploring Colorado Wineries gave us some nice compliments for our 2014 Viognier. She tasted five Viogniers blind. Among them was a wine from Chile, California, Australia and France and Colorado (Bookcliff Vineyards). In the quest for something else than Chardonnay many regions planted Viognier and gave it a try. Two areas we recently visited, the Okanagan region in British Columbia and Amador county in California produce Viognier. And as Paula pointed out many Colorado wineries produce great Viognier.
Check out Paula's blog here:

Friday, February 12, 2016

Valentine's at Bookcliff Vineyards

It has become a tradition at BookCliff Vineyards to celebrate Valentine's Day with wine and chocolate.
Come and visit the tasting room on Saturday the 13th, 2016 and Sunday the 14th, 2016 for wine and chocolate. You have our permission to indulge yourself and enjoy a flight of three wines perfectly paired with three chocolates from Concertos in Chocolates custom made for BookCliff Vineyards. Receive a complimentary rose as supplies last. 
1. Hazelnut praline truffle paired with Enemble 2013 
2. Lavender truffle with sea salt paired with Crescendo 2013
3. Raspberry truffle paired with Souzao 

: Saturday 13th & Sunday 14th, 2016
Time: 1:00pm - 6:00pm
Location: 1501 Lee Hill Road #17, Boulder, CO 80304
Cost: $8.00/flight 
Reservation: No reservations are required 

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Bookcliff Vineyards' Touch of Red is back in stock

Yeh!!, Wooho!! The Touch of Red is back in stock. No need to go on the Easter Egg Hunt in December to find some Touch of Red. Just in time for New Year's the labels arrived and we are ready to put the new release of the Touch of Red in the case and deliver it to the stores. Everybody is happy. New release, same great wine.