Friday, October 31, 2014

Spooky Happenings at the Winery

There are some spooky events happening at the winery on this Halloween day. With a chill running through the cellar and the smell of fermenting grapes, you might see something unusual.
Hanging out in the tasting room is less scary than the cellar! Bwhahahahaha. We hope everyone has a safe and fun Halloween this year! Cheers!

Friday, October 24, 2014

Escoffier visits BookCliff Vineyards

BookClliff Vineyards was happy to host the students from Escoffier School of Culinary Arts for an afternoon of Winery Harvest education! They were able to see grape juice fermenting into wine and finished wine getting pressed off. John talked about crush and all aspects of the winemaking process. After the tour, everyone (over 21) was able to taste the wine made from our own Colorado grapes. We certainly enjoyed having you and being a part of your education!

Thursday, October 9, 2014

BookCliff Vineyards at 63rd Farm with Heros Like Us

We had a chance to join Heros like Us at their On the Farm Off the Hook dinner at the 63rd Street Farm. This was a five course dinner at the farm each course paired wine wine, beer and spirits from Boulder County - BookCliff Vineyards, Upslope Brewing, S&L Distilling. The chefs from Colt & Gray and Table 6 prepared the dishes. All the vegetables came from the farm. One of the courses was a whole goat slowly cooked served with carrots, parsnip and beets. Heros Like Us is all about providing great food to everyone and it does this by putting on charity food and wine events. Check it out at and eat for a good cause.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Colorado Mountain Winefest

What a beautiful weekend it turned out to be in Palisade for the annual Colorado Mountain Winefest. We hosted a farm to table dinner Friday night, then was up early with the roosters on Saturday morning, setting up for Winefest! Thank you to everyone who attended the weekend with us! We loved having you and enjoyed getting to spend more time with you! Eric and Jill with BlackCat put on a beautiful dinner! Ask anyone who was there and they'd say the same. The weather was absolutely perfect the entire weekend and if you missed going this year, sign up for our newsletter to receive updates for the upcoming dinners and next year's winefest dinner. Now, we are back in Boulder, ready to receive fruit this week from the vineyards in Palisade. Muscat Blanc and Viognier have already started fermenting in the tanks and we can't wait to get the other varietals into the cellar! We hope everyone had a great weekend as well! Cheers!

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Bottling Malbec

On this cold and wet September day we bottled a warm and dry Malbec for you to enjoy.  The bottling crew feels this will be a wonderful paring with Prime Rib, Grilled Lamb or Italian Spicy Sausage with a bold red sauce.  We are quickly nearing harvest and the grapes are ripening quite nicely.  We are excited about the first grapes of the year which we believe will be Muscat Blanc.  The wine festival is just around the corner and the preparations for the Feast in the Vineyard are well under way.
John Garlich, Owner and Vintner with grapes from last year's harvest. 

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Harvest Season

Harvest season has arrived! John and Ulla have been down to Palisade quite a bit this summer, walking the vineyards with Prescott- our vineyard manager, to estimate crop production for this year's harvest! Muscat Blanc will be the first varietal picked and trucked up to Boulder to kickoff harvest! We can't wait to start receiving fruit in a couple of weeks! Come on over to the winery this September and October to check out the crush pad! Cheers!

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Eat. Drink. Watch Movies.

A unique wine and dine movie theater just opened last Friday, August 1st, 2014 in Louisville, CO. Cinebarre of Louisville offers luxurious and comfortable seating with table service during your movie. We are excited to be a part of their wine menu and excited for you to experience a new way of dining and entertainment! For events, specials and movie times, go to Cinebarre-Boulder.

Press Release August 4, 2014
BOULDER, Colo. — Going to the movies in this Rocky Mountain community just became a lot more satisfying for fans of Colorado wine. Cinebarre, the national cinema eatery chain, is pouring Colorado-grown and -vinted wines from Bookcliff Vineyards and Infinite Monkey Theorem at the concept theater it opened here on August 1st in the desirable suburb of Louisville. The previous night, more than 600 VIPs and film enthusiasts attended a Hollywood-style premiere party complete with searchlights, red carpet, bubbly and swag bags. Among the celebrities posing for the paparazzi at the sleek bar were John Ratzenberger (Cliff) and George Wendt (Norm) of Cheers fame. Located at 1164 West Dillon Road, this latest incarnation of the Cinebarre brand complements a sister theater in the greater Denver metropolitan area. Both locations deliver a unique cinematic experience by screening first-run feature films in an atmosphere akin to a chic bistro, albeit with plush seating and surround sound. Combining a love of movies with a night on the town, Cinebarre has enhanced the moviegoing experience with adult food and drink options that appeal to a sophisticated audience. Cinebarre Boulder is the first such theater in the area. "We give the civilized, mature person the experience of watching a movie the way it was meant to be: in a fullservice dinner and movie setting without the distractions of the standard ‘mall’ movie theater," says Cinebarre founder and CEO Terrell Braly. 
Cinebarre Boulder is anything but ordinary. Braly and his team have dramatically transformed the 45,000-square-foot space once occupied by the Colony Square Cinema, reinventing it with unique Cinebarre flair. The metamorphosis from tired and outdated to fresh and modern is notable: Eleven luxuriously refurbished theaters now occupy the highly polished, black-and-silver-themed venue. Each theater boasts bench tables; spacious, richly upholstered seating; state-of-the-art screens; all-digital technology; Dolby 5.1 surround sound; and Cinebarre’s signature tableside service. A talented culinary staff prepares each menu item to order in the gleaming commercial kitchen. Even the popcorn is over-the-top: popped from wholesome kernels, it’s drizzled with real butter or truffle oil and famously served in a silver bowl. The expansive bar that anchors the lounge area features 24 beers on tap (including a wealth of regional microbrews), an enhanced wine list (with bottles hailing from Colorado to France) and premium liquors.

An extensive food menu — headlined by tantalizing starters, fresh-baked artisan pizzas, delectable gourmet burgers and house-made desserts — complements the bevy of drinks. Classic candy choices also populate the menu, along with an array of non-alcoholic beverages, shakes and floats. A dedicated Cinebarre Brunch menu is served on Sundays. Because Braly grew up here, opening Cinebarre Boulder is particularly meaningful to him, and he spared no expense in creating the ultimate movie experience for residents of his hometown. With the massive remodel behind him, Braly celebrated the milestone with friends, family and festive drinks. Boulder-area theatergoers can now toast every movie they see with a glass of their favorite adult beverage, too.

Whether one prefers a cocktail, wine, beer or a soda, watching a movie at Cinebarre Boulder means settling into the embrace of a lavishly upholstered chair, placing one’s order with a server, and then relaxing and enjoying the movie as each course unobtrusively appears — inordinate luxuries that eclipse the comforts of home.

Cinebarre Boulder — Eat. Drink. Watch Movies®
1164 West Dillon Road
Louisville, CO 80027

Katie Clayton