Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Another Jefferson Cup for BookCliff Vineyards

BookCliff Vineyards received a Jefferson Cup for the 2011 BookCliff Vineyards Cabernet Franc Reserve at the 14th Annual Jefferson Cup Invitational Wine Competition.
This year, out of over seven hundred chosen wines, the judges selected just over three hundred
wines to receive the “Medals of American Merit”, which respects wines exemplary of their regions and varieties, and is comparable to a Silver Medal at most competitions. Next the judges chose one hundred sixty-seven wines (there was no pre-ordained number or percentage) that they believed were truly excellent wines, roughly equivalent to Gold Medals in other competitions. Those will receive medallions announcing them as “Medals of American Excellence”.
This year, seventy-seven wines were selected as Jefferson Cup nominees; these wines were
nominated by the six judging committees to be considered for Jefferson Cups. Out of those seventyseven
honored wines, the judges collectively picked twenty-five wines to be awarded the Jefferson
This is the third time BookCliff Vineyards was awarded a Jefferson Cup.
The 2012 Petit Verdot was a Jefferson Cup Nominee

Monday, November 18, 2013

BookCliff Vineyards Holiday Farmers Market

Come to THE GOOD LIFE HOLIDAY MARKET at BookCliff Vineyards winery and tasting room where you can find prepared dinners  and fabulous pies to purchase. Eric Skokan from the Black Cat Farm will offer his prepared dinners; buy some beets to go with Mulefoot pork. My Mom’s Pies will have a selection of pies to sample, for purchase and to order; if you don’t want to buy the traditional pumpkin pie, or my favorite the berry pie. Buy some Colorado fruits and vegetable in a jar from MMLocal; the beets and the pears are my favorite. And not to forget sample and purchase some of the fabulous cheeses from Haystack Goat Cheese made right here in Boulder County; for a special treat get yourself the Chevre en Marinade.
And to add to the fun you can taste five wines for free to find the perfect pairing to go with the food.
Date: Sunday, November 24th, 2013
Time: 2:00pm – 5:00pm
Location: BookCliff Vineyards winery, 1501 Lee Hill Road #17, Boulder, CO 80304

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

BookCliff Vineyards Warehouse and Flood Sale

We are glad that we are done with the hundred-year flood and make it part of our past. 
Finishing harvest we finally had some time to deal with our comparatively minor flooding problem that left some wine bottles with labels that show the stains from the flood.
BookCliff Vineyards is hosting a warehouse wine sale to benefit the Mental Health Partners that had to temporarily relocate it's Boulder-based services because of the recent floods. BookCliff Vineyards will be selling bottles of wine for 30% to 50% off that have water damaged labels. 10% of the revenue from the sales will be donated to the Boulder County Mental Health Partners. In addition John Garlich and Ulla Merz, the owners of BookCliff Vineyards, will personally match any proceeds or donations from the event up to $500.00.

When: Saturday 11/16/2013 and Sunday 11/17/2013
Time: 1:00pm - 6:00pm
Location: 1501 Lee Hill Road #17, Boulder, Colorado 80304, BookCliff Vineyards winery & tasting room

Monday, November 4, 2013

Getaway after the 2013 Harvest

We, at BookCliff Vineyards, are finally done with harvest. The last grapes from the 2013 harvest were pressed last week. The capstone to the harvest was a wonderful and tasty harvest dinner served at the winery including Neuer Wein, half fermented wine still cloudy from the yeast. The Riesling was a superb pairing with the onion tart (Zwiebelkuchen) a tradition in the Southwest of Germany.
Now, its time to head to the hills. But, first we make a stop at the vineyard in Palisade. Then for a two-day getaway in Paonia, at the Fresh and Wyld bed and breakfast before the season's closing. Fresh and Wyld is a paradise summer or winter, beautiful scenery, great breakfast and enjoyable hiking; just bundle up this time of year. Catch the inn on Fridays for a home-style dinner or for Thanksgiving; everything from the kitchen is local. Enjoy the quiet.