Monday, November 4, 2013

Getaway after the 2013 Harvest

We, at BookCliff Vineyards, are finally done with harvest. The last grapes from the 2013 harvest were pressed last week. The capstone to the harvest was a wonderful and tasty harvest dinner served at the winery including Neuer Wein, half fermented wine still cloudy from the yeast. The Riesling was a superb pairing with the onion tart (Zwiebelkuchen) a tradition in the Southwest of Germany.
Now, its time to head to the hills. But, first we make a stop at the vineyard in Palisade. Then for a two-day getaway in Paonia, at the Fresh and Wyld bed and breakfast before the season's closing. Fresh and Wyld is a paradise summer or winter, beautiful scenery, great breakfast and enjoyable hiking; just bundle up this time of year. Catch the inn on Fridays for a home-style dinner or for Thanksgiving; everything from the kitchen is local. Enjoy the quiet.

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