Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Colorado Mountain Winefest

What a beautiful weekend it turned out to be in Palisade for the annual Colorado Mountain Winefest. We hosted a farm to table dinner Friday night, then was up early with the roosters on Saturday morning, setting up for Winefest! Thank you to everyone who attended the weekend with us! We loved having you and enjoyed getting to spend more time with you! Eric and Jill with BlackCat put on a beautiful dinner! Ask anyone who was there and they'd say the same. The weather was absolutely perfect the entire weekend and if you missed going this year, sign up for our newsletter to receive updates for the upcoming dinners and next year's winefest dinner. Now, we are back in Boulder, ready to receive fruit this week from the vineyards in Palisade. Muscat Blanc and Viognier have already started fermenting in the tanks and we can't wait to get the other varietals into the cellar! We hope everyone had a great weekend as well! Cheers!

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Bottling Malbec

On this cold and wet September day we bottled a warm and dry Malbec for you to enjoy.  The bottling crew feels this will be a wonderful paring with Prime Rib, Grilled Lamb or Italian Spicy Sausage with a bold red sauce.  We are quickly nearing harvest and the grapes are ripening quite nicely.  We are excited about the first grapes of the year which we believe will be Muscat Blanc.  The wine festival is just around the corner and the preparations for the Feast in the Vineyard are well under way.
John Garlich, Owner and Vintner with grapes from last year's harvest.