Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Au Revoire '07

Make the BookCliff tasting room your first stop celebrating New Year's Eve. We will be starting the party at 4:30 in the tasting room (which is still at 1468 Pearl St., just south of the mall on 15th St.). Come enjoy live music, $4.00 glasses of select BookCliff Vineyards wine, and free appetizers (while they last!). You can also warm up with our seasonal Mulled Wine. For those that don't know it's red wine warmed with spices (cinnamon, cloves, etc.) and sugar. It's a great winter treat on these cold December days and nights. Can't wait to see you!

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Special Label Premier Party!

Scrambles' First Fine Wine Label to Premier This
BookCliff Vineyards and Scramble Campbell are proud to
present an exclusive signed and numbered, limited
edition of BookCliffs' 2003 Ensemble, a 100% Colorado
grown and produced, Bordeaux style blend of Merlot and
Cabernet Sauvignon.
This special label features one of many paintings
Scramble has created at the Red Rocks Amphitheatre in Morrison, Colorado. Check out some of Scramble's work at www.scramblecampbell.com.  100 bottles will be signed by the artist, so get yours soon!

Two Chances To Taste and Celebrate With Us

Thursday December 6th, 2007
Where: BookCliff Vineyards Tasting Room and
When: 5pm - 7pm Belvedere Belgian Chocolate Shop. Located on 15th and Pearl
Street. Just around the Corner from
the end of the Pearl Street Mall on 15th.
$5.00 glasses of Ensemble

Saturday December 8th, 2007
Good Thoughts Printing Studio located
on "The Hill" under Half Fast Subs (1209 13th St). During the wine tasting, Good Thoughts is hosting an art exhibit for Scramble Campbell and Conscious Alliance from Saturday Dec 8th to December 24th. The opening reception is on the 8th from 2 pm-9 p.m. Come taste this delightful Ensemble and reserve your signed and numbered bottle. Good Thoughts will also have Conscious Alliance art from past shows and lots of unique gifts to help complete your holiday shopping.

See you there!

Monday, December 3, 2007

Effective Referral Gifts (Part 3 of 3)

"Drink wine, and you will sleep well. Sleep, and you will not sin. Avoid sin, and you will be saved. Ergo, drink wine and be saved." ~ Medieval German saying

Jack Bergstrom writing here. This is the last of my mini 3 part series on Effective Referral Gifts. This article was written for my friends here at BookCliff Vineyards. They produce great award winning wines and whether you use their wine as a referral gift or drink it yourself, you will be making a great choice!

I thought it might be fun to do a little bit of time traveling together. I am going to set the "WayBack" machine for May 1989. Hold on to you hats!

I had just quit my well paid and extremely stressful and miserable job as a retail mega-store manager. I had left this steady paycheck with great benefits to fulfill one of my dreams...to own a company and control my own destiny. To do this, I had started an executive search firm and a temporary employment firm. The hows and whys of this particular choice would be many hours of fun to review, but would be well off target for our conversation today.

I rapidly discovered that my number one mission in my new company was to generate new business. In fact, it soon became obvious that if I did not figure out how to generate new business, in a consistent way and at significant levels, that I would be forced to close my company and go back to work for someone else. This was not acceptable and I vowed to learn whatever I had to learn in order to make my company a success.

One of the areas of business growth techniques that I mastered was the use of referral gifts and it made a huge difference. When someone referred my company, we were grateful! When someone gave my company a testimonial letter, a topic worthy of much review in its own right, we were very grateful! Our gratitude took many forms depending upon our finances and how much business was generated by the referral. As rough guidelines:

  • If someone referred us, without even worrying about if the referred company used us or not, we sent out thank you notes immediately. We rewarded these referrals immediately with genuine gratitude.
  • If someone referred us, and it generated business, we also took them to lunch or dinner.
  • If someone wrote us a testimonial letter, we sent notes, fed them and did whatever else we could within reason and within the laws of the IRS to reward them. (Testimonials are a great tool in their own right and can themselves be transformational for your company!)

Additionally, as my business grew, we became very savvy about the likes and desires of our important contacts at each client company. For those that liked wine, we could reward them with great bottles of wine selected just for them. In those days I wasn't smart enough to do custom labeled wine, as you can get here from BookCliff Vineyards, but I certainly would now! For those that liked food, we sent them great food or were forced to go out on great dining experiences with them! So how did all of this work? Extremely well!

For simplicity, let's just look at the holiday season. My first Christmas season owning this company we passed out a few cases of wine, perhaps a dozen more expensive gift baskets and 50 or so decorative tins of Scandinavian cookies. The second Christmas we passed out perhaps a dozen cases of wine, perhaps 50 of the more expensive gift baskets and close to 200 decorative tins of cookies. By my 4th and final Christmas before I sold this company, we literally had pallets of gifts delivered to us. It would then take my salespeople and myself 2 full weeks just to deliver these gifts personally and say "Thanks for the business" and "Thanks for the referrals". This was the most rewarding time, personally and from a generated business standpoint, that we would ever spend in the entire year.

What is the lesson from this long story? Referral gifts work. Properly thought out and implemented, they work staggeringly well. Now you still need a really great product or service! If people refer you and you do a lousy job, nothing will save you. There are of course many other areas in your business that you must be continually improving as well, but we will talk about those at other times.

"Life is much too short to drink bad wines!" ("Das Leben ist viel zu kurz, um schlechten Wein zu trinken!") ~Anonymous saying from Germany

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Live Music at the Tasting Room

Have y'all been in to catch the live jazz that we have every Friday from 7:30 until 9:30? If not why not start this Friday. Bring a friend, get a bottle of our new wine Friday's Folly (only $9.99!), relax on the super-comfy sofa and enjoy the music. If you need a bite to eat, then in addition to the chocolates at Belvedere you can order up a couple appetizers such as different pizzas or bruschetta prepared by the great people at Trattoria on Pearl. We also offer gourmet cheese plates which are a great match for the wines that we offer. Anyway here is the list of musicians playing for us over the next few weeks. See ya there!

Friday, Nov. 30th
Molly Greacen, Brazilian Jazz

Friday, Dec. 7th
Joao Junqueira - Brazilian samba, guitar and vocals

Friday, Dec. 14th
Bill Kopper – Guitar, Brazilian Music

Friday, Dec. 21st
Peneplain – Jazz

Friday, Dec. 28th
Holly DeHoog - vocals

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Using Referral Gifts to Grow Your Business (Part 2 of 3)

"I have lived temperately ... I double the doctor's recommendation of a glass and a half of wine a day and even treble it with a friend." ~Thomas Jefferson

This is the second of a series of guest articles, written by me Jack Bergstrom, for my friends at BookCliff Vineyards. Tis getting near the season for giving and these articles are a bit about making the process of giving more effective and more fun! You can read more tips and techniques for your business at JackBergstrom.com. And now for the article...

I like to give referral gifts and I like to show gratitude for the clients that have used me in the past. I have experimented over the years with all manner of Christmas and referral gifts. Chocolates, tinned cookies, turkeys, hams, cash and gift certificates, food baskets and fine wines. Each of them has worked well for the right person. What does working well mean? They accepted the gift, they appreciated the gift, it was something they could use or enjoy consuming and it made them more even more likely to use me again or to refer me.

Let's look at each of these pieces:

  • They accepted the gift. You must be careful that your gift does not violate any company policy about accepting gifts from vendors. What does this mean? Don't give any sort of gifts to employees of large companies that you do not know well and you have not asked the person you would like to gift first. Since the atmosphere and the words that you use while giving a gift mean as much or more than the gift, this is easy to do. "I would really like to show you my appreciation for our work together. Are there any things that I should know about your ability to accept a gift?" Doing this over a nice lunch also helps.
  • They appreciated the gift. Hopefully you have collected some information about your client in the course of working with them. What do they like and dislike? Do they drink alcohol? Wine or liquor?
  • The gift was something they could use or enjoy consuming. Spend as much as you can justify on your gifts. How much is this? It depends on your clients and your average ticket and, if full tax deductibility is important to you, the IRS must be included in the calculation. I also want my name and image always associated with high quality...don't you?
  • It makes them even more likely to use me again or to refer me. The quality and appropriateness of the gift makes a difference here. Telling the client that you are genuinely grateful, and being genuinely grateful, for their past business and any referrals makes a difference.

You may notice that the quotes on today's entry are related to wine. I have used quality wine as a referral and thank you gift many times in the past and I continue to use it today. As long as I have verified first that my clients appreciate wine, then this is my go to gift. I wanted to recommend to you a Colorado based winery that I feel makes a truly superior product. (Their wine has won numerous awards so many others feel this way as well.) If you are thinking about wine as a thank you gift this season, then consider buying from BookCliff Vineyards. Start your exploration of their Colorado grown and produced line of wines right here on their blog.

I have know the owners since they started this company and the uniqueness of a great Colorado wine will do great things for the effectiveness of your gift. They will even create custom labeled wine for you.

I wanted to thank Robin Garr's Wine Lover's Page at http://wineloverspage.com/ for some ideas about quotes regarding wine. This is a nice site for wine lovers to visit.

"In Europe we thought of wine as something as healthy and normal as food and also a great giver of happiness and well being and delight. Drinking wine was not a snobbism nor a sign of sophistication nor a cult; it was as natural as eating and to me as necessary." ~Ernest Hemingway; A Moveable Feast

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Using Referral Gifts to Grow Your Business (Part 1 of 3)

The only people with whom you should try to get even are those who have helped you. ~John E. Southard

This is a guest article written by me, Jack Bergstrom, for my friends over at BookCliff Vineyards. I have had the pleasure of knowing Ulla and John, the owners, since they started the award winning vineyard and I have known and liked Justin since I first met him in April of 2007. I am a Executive Coach, a Business Consultant, a Seminar Leader and an Author. This is the first in a series of 3 articles about using referral gifts to grow your business. For more tips and techniques on working less, achieving more and having a blast along the way, check out my blog at http://jackbergstrom.com/. Hope to see you there!

I love doing business by referral. I love for past clients to send me my newest clients. Since I am selective and work only with people that I like, and people tend to associate with people like themselves, I am continually presented with the marvelous opportunity of working with people that already know something about me, already know most of the benefits of working with me and are at least somewhat presold on the value proposition that I represent. This is a wonderful way to do business. Now not every business can attract all of their customers this way, but the more customers that you get by referral the happier and more profitable you will be. Given that, I thought I would take a few entries here on my blog and talk a bit about using gifts to help grow your referral business.

This is a topic that is perennially hotly debated. I know business people that have an absolute "no gift" policy. I know business people that have informal policies about gifts and evaluate each client separately. I know business people that make explicit and well structured "referral programs" a major part of their new client acquisition plans. These "referral programs", I believe, are worth a series of articles of their own and really are no longer in the "Gift" category. We will talk about structured programs another time.

For today, let's start to look at gifts, the idea of rewarding people for sending you clients. Let me start by saying that at the simplest level, you should reward everyone that sends you business in this way: Be grateful! Thank them! Thank them lavishly! Let them know with a note, a card, a phone call or all of the above! If someone has gone out of their way, and put their own reputation on the line, to recommend me and my services, then I am going to be grateful...genuinely grateful! It doesn't happen that often. As good as I am, I know that the vast majority of my current and past clients do not wake up in the morning with a burning desire to see who they can refer to Jack today. It would be great, but it just doesn't often happen that I have quite that level of top of mind awareness. Indeed, I would be concerned if I did! So, at the simplest, and yet most profound level, be grateful and thankful! Thank them!

Now, going to the next level about gifts. Do I recommend using gifts and I do I use them myself? Yes and Yes. I do and I do! The trick is in knowing what kinds of gifts will give you the best return on your dollar and of course, the most satisfaction. I love to give people gifts! It's a hoot! Tomorrow we will talk more about thoughtful and effective gift selection and for those of you with a strict "no referral gift" policy, prepare to be challenged!

Till next time...Jack

When eating bamboo sprouts, remember the man who planted them. ~Chinese Proverb

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Tis The Season...(for custom labels)

It's that time of year again. Need gifts for your employees or clients? Or do you just want to give your family and friends something really special this year? How about Colorado wine with custom labels!?! We offer our BookCliff Chardonnay and our Ensemble wine with your custom designed label on every bottle. What a great way to say thanks to your clients or to give as gifts at your wedding or holiday party. The possibilities are endless. Show people that you're proud of Colorado by giving the gift of Colorado wine. Here is an example of a custom label that we do every year. This is the label for the Flagstaff Star wine, by the way you can now find this wine at Boulder liquor stores and at our tasting room on 15th and Pearl St. We have a couple different pricing options available for the custom label program. You can call us at (303) 499-7301 or email me at justin@bookcliffvineyards.com if you have any questions or may be interested. High quality labels with your information and high quality local wine, what else can I say?

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Hot Off the Presses!

Here we are, it's press time. So after fermenting red wines for around one week the skins are removed and pressed to extract more juice/wine and other flavor components such as tannins. The fermentation process may not be completely over so we may still have a pretty sweet wine on our hands (literally). Anyway the skins are removed from the fermenting bins (the big white one that Eric is about to dive into) and placed into the press. In this process we use highly technical equipment to transfer the skins, as seen in Eric's hand and by his feet. Once the press is filled to the top, it is closed and a bladder inside fills with water creating huge amounts of pressure on the skin which squeezes out a lot of extra juice. What you see above are the Cabernet Sauvignon skins after being pressed and after we've removed the outside of the press. This is probably the messiest job in the winery but possibly the most fun as well! Tomorrow we bottle 2004's Cabernet Sauvignon.

p.s. This weekend we will be in Denver at the Denver International Wine Festival. Stop by and say hi. click here for more info on this festival.

Friday, October 19, 2007

Easy Friday Afternoon

Hey all,
Friday here at the tasting room. Tawny (above) and I are just kickin' it on this beautiful Colorado afternoon. Who wouldn't want to be just taking it easy on Pearl Street? In between your shopping stops come in for a little chocolate and wine. We make it easy with our pairing menus and our knowledgable staff (if you time it right you might just meet the winemaker!). I just wanted to say hi and share this picture (below) I took while I was in downtown Taos, NM. Don't forget to visit us for live music every Friday at 7:30 at 1468 Pearl St. in Boulder.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

It aint perty!

So now you get a little behind the scenes view of what happens to those grapes after they've been picked and transported to the winery. The bins in the picture are filled with grapes and represent about half of the amount we crushed this day. Before the grapes are crushed, they are sorted and any leaves, sticks, or MOG (material other than grapes) are carefully removed by well trained experts. The grapes and stems are then fed into the crusher destemmer where the grapes are removed from the stems and then crushed and pumped into the fermenting bins. As you can imagine it is a messy job and quite sticky too. Into the bins we'll add yeast, nutrients, and as needed components to adjust acidity and pH. In about a week, after a lot of punching down, we'll have wine! Then comes pressing. More on that later...stay tuned.

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Soon to be wine...

Thanks to our vineyard manager Sam for this wonderful picture! These are some Syrah grapes that were just picked and placed into these bins for transportation. The bins can't be too big though because the weight of the grapes will squash the bunches on the bottom and fermentation will start due to ambient yeasts. These grapes have now been crushed and destemmed in a wonderful machine called a crusher/destemmer! As the yeasts go about their business eating the sugar in the juice and creating alcohol and CO2 as a by-product, a cap forms. This cap is made up of the grape skins floating to the top and creating a solid layer. About 4-5 times a day the cap must be broken up through a method called punching down. This releases all the color and flavors from the skins as well as gets needed oxygen to the yeasts. This process goes on for about a week for red wines and then comes the press...more on that later.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Filtering at BookCliff

Hi all,

Hope you're enjoying this transition into Fall as much as I am. Not only do I love the cooler temperatures and changing colors, but it's harvest and crush time at the vineyards and the wineries. In order to make room in the winery for the new wines, we must bottle some of the wines that are ready to head out. Just a few days ago I filtered our 2006 Chardonnay. We will be bottling it next week so it's time to take the last few steps in the wine making process. We aged our '06 Chardonnay in new French and American oak for about six months. During this process we left the wine on the lees, which are just the dead yeast cells. I know it sounds gross but it really gives the wine a soft creaminess and balance when mixed with the oak flavors. We stirred the wine in the barrels a couple times a week, every week, just to mix up the lees. To remove the lees we filter the wine into a large stainless steel tank. This filtering is what you see in the picture. I can't wait for you all to try this new vintage of BookCliff Vineyards Chardonnay!

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

It's That Time of Year.

That's right Colorado Mountain Winefest is back. This weekend head up to Palisade to experience the largest Colorado wine festival of the year! What a great time: live music, bike tours through the vineyards, winemaker dinners, and of course wine tasting. Check out the website here for all the info you'll need. As always stop by and say hi. If you can't make it up to Palisade this weekend stop by and see me at the tasting room on 15th St. between Pearl and Walnut.

As for winery stuff we're bottling like crazy to make some room as we will start crush probably next week. Some of the grapes are ready and others are so close to ready that I can taste 'em. The white grapes usually are picked first, that means Chardonnay and Viognier. This year we'll also have our first vintage of Riesling and a couple other varietals, how exciting! What a busy time for us.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Boulder Food & Wine Fest Success!

Hey Everybody!

I appologize for the delay in updating this site, I've been outta town for a while. But here I am.

So the Boulder Food and Wine Fest went off without a hitch. I thought it was a great time (even with the slight showers)! The food was amazing, the wine was fantastic. Thanks to everyone involved for putting on such a great event, all the restaurants and wineries did a great job. Most importantly thanks to everyone who came, we couldn't have done it without you. I'll throw a special shout-out to Jackie, Rickie, and John; good work. I think it was a success so I'm planning on seeing everybody back nest year!

Well, yesterday we bottled our 2005 Cabernet Franc Reserve. We did about one hundred cases, so get it while you can (it's always a hot seller). This is a great vintage with tons of bright red fruit and just a hint of green pepper on the palate and the silky smooth tannins are in perfect balance with the acidity and alcohol. There are aromas that remind you of popping a cherry Jolly Rancher in your mouth while you're sitting next to a campfire in the middle of the forest. Can you tell that I'm a big fan of this wine? So come on by the tasting room so you can tell me your thoughts on this wine. Also check out www.bookcliffvineyards.com to find a liquor store near you. See you soon.


ps Don't forget Colorado Wine Fest is coming soon to Palisade!

Thursday, August 9, 2007

FREE TASTES!!! (in exchange for your opinion)

How are y'all today. Boy it's a hot one yet again here in Boulder, CO. Great day to go down and sip on some cold refreshing white wine. Speaking of trying wine we will be participating in another parking lot tasting outside of the Westminster Total Beverage. This Friday (8/10) from 4:00 pm-7:00 pm and Saturday (8/11) from 1:00 pm-6:00 pm we and other wineries will be pouring samples of our wines in the parking lot of the Westminster Total Beverage. Come by and say hi and let 'em know you saw it here.

On a different note...Last week we did some more blending trials with that red I had mentioned some time ago. We came up with some fantastic wines with the help of our tasting experts (you!), who assisted us in narrowing it down at the tasting room. Unfortunately it is not that easy. It's a pretty complicated process choosing the blend that will be used in the final product. We were going for an economical bottle, great for everyday consumption. What we found is that the favorite blend would end up being a mid-price bottle (around $18). One problem with this is that it would be a non-vintage wine, meaning the wine consists of a blend of wine from different years. Believe me, I know what a huge role that vintage plays. Besides telling you what year the grapes were picked, it can tell you how rich the wine might be or how long it may last in the wine cellar (or your closet depending on where you choose to store your wine). To me though the quality of the wine is the most important thing and I would prefer a high quality non-vintage wine to a lesser quality vintage wine. And remember that quality of wine is defined by your tastes, it's not what somebody else tells you you should like. Am I wrong? What do you think? Would you buy an $18 bottle of non-vintage wine? Let me know. Stay tuned for more on this.

Saturday, August 4, 2007

Rainy Days

Hi all. The past couple days have been rainy here in Boulder. Hopefully the weather is beautiful next Sunday for the Boulder Food & Wine Festival. Come enjoy some Colorado wine and some local grub at Central Park in Downtown Boulder. We'll see y'all tomorrow (every Sunday) at the Vail Farmer's Market. Stop by and say hi!

p.s. I took this picture of Folsom Field on the CU campus after the rain storm yesterday. You can't see it here but there was a triple rainbow!

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Boulder Food & Wine Festival

Join us for the 1st Annual Boulder Food and Wine Festival on Sunday, August 12, 2007.
From noon-5 pm you can sample food from the finest restaurants in the area as well as wine from twenty different Colorado Wineries. Just $35 in advance ($40 at the door) allows you to sample good eats from restaurants such as Aji, Flagstaff House, Trattoria on Pearl, Laudisio, and The Greenbriar Inn just to name a few! Also sample some of the amazing wines coming out of Colorado from some very talented winemakers. There will also be some fun activities for all. From noon-2 pm get your swing on with The Swingin' Seven Dance Orchestra and from 3-5pm samba the evening away with Brazilian music courtesy of Ginja. Don't forget to check out the Waiter Races starting at 2pm, that should be a riot. Purchase tickets at the BookCliff Vineyards Tasting Room or at the Boulder Creek Winery, or click here to buy them right now online. You can find more info including complete restaurant and winery information and directions to Downtown Boulder's Central Park at http://www.boulderwinefest.com/. If there are any other questions send me an email at justin@bookcliffvineyards.com.
This is a Hot Deal! Don't miss it.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

"Where Can I Find Your Wine?"

Ah, great question! I'm glad you asked. As today was a delivery day to some of our vendors, I got to meet some great new people. One of the best parts of my job here at BookCliff Vineyards is meeting new peeps. Today, down at Applejack, Dennis really helped me out. Thanks Dennis! Anyway, back to your question. There are quite a few stores from Ft. Collins all the way to C. Springs so I can't list 'em all here. Link over bookcliffvineyards.com to see a complete list of stores in your area. Here are just a few...

Ft. Collins

  • Aggie's Liquor

  • Bullfrog Wine & Spirits

  • Supermarket Liquor

  • Wilbur's Wine & Spirits

Denver Area

  • AppleJack

  • Argonaut

  • Mondo Vino

  • Chambers Wine & Liquor

  • Grape Expectations

  • Total Beverage (Westminster & Thornton)

  • Tony B's Wine List

  • Del Sol Liquors


  • Liqour Mart

  • Boulder Wine Merchant

  • Meridian Spirits

  • PettyJohn Liquor and Wine

  • Harvest Wine & Spirits

  • Snowy Peaks Winery (Estes Park)

  • Farmers Market

  • BookCliff Vineyards Tasting Room!!!

Colorado Springs

  • The Wine Store

  • Wines of Colorado

  • Peregrine Liquor

  • Springs Liquor Outlet

Friday, July 13, 2007

Join Us For Live Music!

Hey y'all, want to check out some live local music while you sip on some wine and savor some chocolate? Every Friday from 7:30 to 9:30 pm we host a different musician playing a variety of music. Relax on our comfy couch and enjoy our smooth Reserve Merlot as jazz fills the air, or try a spicy Syrah as you listen to a Samba played on the guitar. Guitarist Bill Kopper compares it to having a concert in your living room. The following is a list of dates and scheduled musicians. We can't wait to see you!

Friday, July 13th - Laurie Dameron, vocals & guitar

Friday July 20th - Bill Kopper, Brazilian Jazz

Friday July 27th - Peneplain, Jazz

Friday August 3rd - Bonnie Lowdermilk, Jazz vocals and keyboard

Friday August 10th - Laurie Dameron, vocals & guitar

Friday August 17th - Bill Kopper, Brazilian Jazz

Friday August 24th - Peneplain, Jazz

Friday August 31st - Steve Glotzer, guitar

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Liquor Mart Colorado Wine Tasting

Hi all! Want to taste some of our wines for free!?! Stop by Liquor Mart this Saturday, July 14, from 11:00 am - 3:00pm for the Annual Colorado Wine Festival. Head over to Liquor Mart, which is located at 1750 15th Street in Boulder (on the corner of 15th & Canyon), and you'll find BookCliff Vineyards and multiple other Colorado wineries in the parking lot pouring our wines. After tasting you can stop inside the store and pick up some of the wines you liked. Come by and say hi! Did I mention it's free?

Saturday, July 7, 2007

Tasting Room Info

Back home to Boulder from beautiful Taos! Thanks to everyone we met for their hospitality and kindness. We had a great time...but back to business.

Our tasting room is the place to try Colorado wine. We offer all of our BookCliff wines plus many other Colorado wines for tastes, by the glass and by the bottle. Pair the wines with a perfectly paired chocolate from Belvedere Belgian Chocolate or with our artisan cheese plate featuring fine cheeses from around the world. We also offer pizzas and other small plates delivered directly from Trattoria On Pearl Italian restaurant.

Sunday 1:00 - 7:00 pm (We can sell bottles on Sunday!!)
Monday 3:00 - 7:00 pm
Tuesday 3:00 - 7:00 pm
Wednesday 3:00 - 7:00 pm
Thursday 3:00 - 7:00 pm
Friday 1:00 - 10:00 pm (Live music @ 7:30)
Saturday 1:00 - 9:00 pm
Located on 15th street just south of the Pearl Street Mall, across the street from a parking garage with free parking on Saturday & Sunday. Or give us a call at (303) 449-WINE (9463).

Thursday, July 5, 2007

Toast of Taos

This week we find ourselves in beautiful Taos, New Mexico. We're participating in this years Toast of Taos Wine & Food Festival and my fiance, Sheila, and I are having a great time! Last night was the kickoff event which included a wine tasting (of course), live music, and a wine competition. We did well, receiving a medal for each of the wines we submitted including a silver for our 2005 Chardonnay. Tonight we'll be pouring at the Act 1 gallery here in Taos. Hope everyone's staying cool, it's a scorcher here today.

More from Taos later...

Saturday, June 30, 2007

We're at Farmer's Markets!

If you're in the mood to get out this weekend and are in the need of some fresh local produce or some great local wine, come visit us a the farmer's market. We can currently be found at three markets around the area.
Boulder Farmer's Market
Located on 13th St. between Canyon & Arapahoe
Wednesday evenings and Saturday mornings
Try the wines in the Wine & Beer Garden on Wednesdays
Vail Farmer's Market
Located on East Meadow Drive
Sundays 930am-330pm
Lonetree Farmer's Market
SE. corner of Maximus Drive and S. Yosemite Street
Saturdays 800am-100pm
Hope to see you there!!

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Wine as a Referral Gift / Custom Labeled Wine

If you are in business, your know the value of referred clients. They are presold, prequalified, and already like you before they even meet you! Most people in business dream of having a business that is grown and maintained completely by referral.

Well, we at BookCliff Vineyards are here to help. We offer award winning, great tasting, Colorado grown, aged and bottled wine, with all of your desired contact information right on the bottle. What a great way to thank that special person that referred you. What a great way to reward a client when you finish your most recent business deal and let them know how much you appreciate them.

Sound interesting? How about this! Give a call, tell us you are interested in learning more about how we might build a custom labeled wine referral program just for you, and we will come to your location and pour you and your associates some of our wonderful wine...so that you can smell it, and taste it, and see if this is kind of gift that you would like representing you. And all of this with no cost or obligation. When was the last time you had an offer like that!

Bye for now...Justin

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Custom Label Program

We offer custom labels that allow you to design the labels that go on bottles of BookCliff wine. Add your company's name or logo and you've got unique thank you gifts, what a great way to promote you and your business. Weddings, parties, golf tournaments, the options are unlimited. Quality Colorado wine with professional labels at competitive prices, need I say more?

Friday, June 15, 2007

Our Tasting Room

Visit us in Boulder on 15th Street b/w Pearl and Canyon for some spectacular Colorado wine. Don't forget to try some of the Adagio dessert wine with a bit of dark chocolate. Dee-lish!!

Thursday, June 14, 2007

At the Tasting Room

Today, I let a couple of our outstanding customers try out a couple of the blends we came up with yesterday. The feeling of being involved with what goes on behind the scenes is exciting for them and we love getting their feedback. Thanks y'all!

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

A Li'l Blending

As I write, John and I are tasting a few different blends for a new red wine we're working on. This is a great aspect of being part of BookCliff Vineyards. What a great job: the wine, the people, the puppy...