Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Boulder Food & Wine Fest Success!

Hey Everybody!

I appologize for the delay in updating this site, I've been outta town for a while. But here I am.

So the Boulder Food and Wine Fest went off without a hitch. I thought it was a great time (even with the slight showers)! The food was amazing, the wine was fantastic. Thanks to everyone involved for putting on such a great event, all the restaurants and wineries did a great job. Most importantly thanks to everyone who came, we couldn't have done it without you. I'll throw a special shout-out to Jackie, Rickie, and John; good work. I think it was a success so I'm planning on seeing everybody back nest year!

Well, yesterday we bottled our 2005 Cabernet Franc Reserve. We did about one hundred cases, so get it while you can (it's always a hot seller). This is a great vintage with tons of bright red fruit and just a hint of green pepper on the palate and the silky smooth tannins are in perfect balance with the acidity and alcohol. There are aromas that remind you of popping a cherry Jolly Rancher in your mouth while you're sitting next to a campfire in the middle of the forest. Can you tell that I'm a big fan of this wine? So come on by the tasting room so you can tell me your thoughts on this wine. Also check out to find a liquor store near you. See you soon.


ps Don't forget Colorado Wine Fest is coming soon to Palisade!

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Werner said...

hallo Ulla,

I was thinking of you guys as I was sitting on the "W├╝rttemberg" watching the sun set through the vines 2 weeks ago... tonight I showed off BookCliff Vineyards on the web to my parents (who both have their birthday this weekend) -- but they don't want to travel anymore, not even there! :-(

Hope you are doing well.

Cheers, ---Werner