Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Wine as a Referral Gift / Custom Labeled Wine

If you are in business, your know the value of referred clients. They are presold, prequalified, and already like you before they even meet you! Most people in business dream of having a business that is grown and maintained completely by referral.

Well, we at BookCliff Vineyards are here to help. We offer award winning, great tasting, Colorado grown, aged and bottled wine, with all of your desired contact information right on the bottle. What a great way to thank that special person that referred you. What a great way to reward a client when you finish your most recent business deal and let them know how much you appreciate them.

Sound interesting? How about this! Give a call, tell us you are interested in learning more about how we might build a custom labeled wine referral program just for you, and we will come to your location and pour you and your associates some of our wonderful that you can smell it, and taste it, and see if this is kind of gift that you would like representing you. And all of this with no cost or obligation. When was the last time you had an offer like that!

Bye for now...Justin

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Steve said...


Couldn't resist saying how beautiful the labels are in the photo. They look very familiar and must have been printed by Colorado's only all-digital label printer! :-)

Please say Hi to John and Ulla (and Eric) for me...

Steve Smith
Lightning Labels Inc.