Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Winter In The Vineyard

Work in the vineyard never stops. Even as the snow (and temperature) falls there is still much to be done with the vines, such as pruning. If you can see in the picture, the trunk of the vine is the part extending out of the ground. It then is split into two branches or "cordons" which are tied to wire horizontal to the ground. Smaller "canes" are then tied vertical to the ground both up and down and this is where the bunches of grapes will grow. These are the parts that are trimmed and allowed to grow new every year. There are many different methods of training vines all over the world, but this Smart-Dyson method is the system that we use.


the hoff said...

is this dyson method created by the same man who makes those dyson vacuums? that guys is awesome, i love his accent- and guess what justin.... i love your accent too!!!

Anonymous said...

No, that is James Dyson. The Dyson Method is named after Archie Dyson, a mid-19th century merchant seaman and amatuer inventor. He also created those wax lips that one used to be able to find in penny candy stores, as well as a line of ceramic kittens that dispensed meat jelly.