Thursday, May 8, 2008

Frost Season Is Almost Over

Last week we had some close calls with frost in the vineyards. Another week of warm weather will hopefully get as past the danger of frost. The old peach growers say that then when the neck of the goose shaped snowfield breaks (melts) then the danger of frost is past. The goose is on the flanks of Grand Mesa and can be seen in the center of the picture above the peach trees. In the picture it is facing to the left. With the extra snow this year and the cooler then usual temperatures it is taking longer this year to get past the frost danger. We are blessed with good vineyard locations that have natural winds that keep the frosts away. Most orchards and vineyards in the Palisade area require large fan units to keep the winds away. This requires getting up in the middle of the night to start the fans and to keep them running. Because of our location we do not even own fan units. The extra investment in buying good vineyard locations is paying off.
Entry by John Garlich.

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Kaizen Consulting Blog said...

I feel like the cold weather is never going to go away here in Colorado. I am ready for it to stay warm. I am tired of it being 70 degrees one day, and then 50 degrees the next.