Tuesday, September 2, 2008

New Wine!!

We just released a brand new white wine. "Visanne" is now available exclusively at our Boulder, Colorado tasting room. Visanne is a crisp dry white blend of 70% Viognier, 29% Roussanne and 1% Orange Muscat. This extremely food friendly white has hints of grapefruit, white peaches, lemon and lime zest. If you like our Viognier, you'll love the Visanne! Come in to our tasting room and try this wine and other great Colorado wine.

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Tom said...

Congratulations for your new wine, Visanne. Although I have enjoyed BookCliff's Viognier, this is a wonderful blend that suits my palate and I enjoy it. I'm surprised that the 1% Orange Muscat is so distinctive. It creates great depth and subtle fruit flavors. Again, congratulations on my new favorite!

Tom Jannusch