Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Winter In The Vineyard

Work in the vineyard never stops. Even as the snow (and temperature) falls there is still much to be done with the vines, such as pruning. If you can see in the picture, the trunk of the vine is the part extending out of the ground. It then is split into two branches or "cordons" which are tied to wire horizontal to the ground. Smaller "canes" are then tied vertical to the ground both up and down and this is where the bunches of grapes will grow. These are the parts that are trimmed and allowed to grow new every year. There are many different methods of training vines all over the world, but this Smart-Dyson method is the system that we use.

Monday, January 28, 2008

We're in a New Store

Hey y'all. It's turning out to be a beautiful January here in Boulder. What a great time to get out and do some wine tasting. Check out www.coloradowineassociation.com/ and www.coloradowine.com/ to get some more info and places to visit. Also, you can now find our wine at Little Raven Vineyards in downtown Denver. It's a great little shop and they have a fun website that might even get you some free wine! You can find contact info for them at www.littleravenvineyards.com/
This is a shot of some Black Muscat grapes, which make up our Adagio dessert wine. If you haven't tried it yet, come on in and pair it with some dark Belgian chocolate. Yummo!

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Check This Out!

I stumbled upon this great wine blog last week. Tyler Colman is Dr. Vino and yes he is an actual doctor. drvino.com not only has some great recommendations on wine, but also has some fascinating articles and blurbs about whats going on out there in this huge world of wine. Have you ever thought of the carbon footprint of wine or of sipping wine through a tube while you're hooked up to an EEG. Check out this site, it's great info with a hint of wit. It's even won some awards including "Winner, Best Wine Blog, American Wine Blog Awards 2007". Nice work, Doc.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Food & Wine Classes

Come join us for the follow-up to last year's successful food and wine pairing classes. This year we will be offering three classes all with delicious food provided by Chef Daniel Cofrades from Trattoria on Pearl.

  • Class 1, February 28, will include a barrel tasting of red and white wines. Become an insider and taste the differences between French and American oak. What kind of flavors and aromas does each barrel impart?
  • Class 2, March 20, will be all about the New Releases! Be the first to taste our new spring releases, such as a Riesling and a Port, before they are released.
  • Class 3, April 17, we are proud to feature Ann Coppinger from Pettyjohn's who will be presenting her Components of Wine class. Learn how to recognize wine's different components and how they compliment or fight with your favorite foods. How does acidity differ from tannins? Impress your friends with all this knowledge!

Price is $40 per class. Call us or stop by to purchase tickets or if you have questions.

Tasting Room (303) 449-WINE

Winery (303) 499-7301

Friday, January 4, 2008

Hola, 2008!

Happy 2008! Hope everyone had a great New Years and celebrated with some good Colorado wine. Speaking of Colorado wine, keep your eyes peeled for our port wine release party. It should be in the next month or two. Also we will be offering a couple of wine pairing classes in February at the tasting room. The dates aren't set yet so check back here or call our tasting room at (303) 499-WINE for more info. A big thanks to Sam, our vineyard manager, for coming down to Boulder to help out for a couple days in the winery. It's a beautiful evening in Boulder tonight. Enjoy this warmth, I have a feeling it won't last long.