Monday, January 12, 2009

Quiet Vineyards

As you can see, it is quiet out in Palisade. Not a whole lot going on during the winter months at the vineyard. There is some pruning and stuff like keeping our compost going. At the winery in Boulder we are quite busy getting the new tasting room up and running, as well as some filtering and bottling of wine. The 2008 Riesling is now bottled and will be available soon, hopefully in a store near you! This is our 2nd Riesling and it is a classic . Full of peaches and apples but with a great acidity and an underlying minerality that balance perfectly with the sweetness of the wine. The new Touch of Red is almost ready also. This is going to be a good Touch of Red this year. This year will see the release of a new white for us. It will be a blend of grapes and have just a hint of sweetness to it. Stay tuned to learn more about where and when you'll be able to find these wines. Also, if you haven't signed up yet for the newsletter, now is a good time. We will be having some opening events throughout February and these will be announced in the monthly newsletter that we email. Happy New Year everyone!

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