Friday, January 22, 2010

Wine and Food Pairing with Local Chefs

BookCliff Vineyards will be pairing up with local chefs over the next few months to bring you two food and wine pairing events. The events will be held in the winery where the chefs will prepare tapas in front of the attendees while describing what makes certain wine and food pairings work as well as pointers on how to prepare the food. We will limit the attendance to 20 so that there is an opportunity to interact with the chef and wine maker. So not only will you get some great food and wine, but you will have fun learning some new things about cooking and wine. The next event will be with Sven Hedenas, owner and chef of the 14th Street Grill on March 18th. The final event featuring Corey Buck, owner and chef of John's Restaurant, will be on April 15th. Each event is $50 per person for the wine and food. For reservations call 303-499-7301. There will be tremendous interest so call early to be sure to reserve a spot soon!

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