Thursday, September 16, 2010

Back in the Saddle

Crush is here again. Where does the time go? Chardonnay grapes are crushed and the juice is just waiting to be turned into wine. We crushed about 3 tons of Chard yesterday for our first day this year. It went smoothly and was a pretty easy day. The grapes looked great and should make a nice wine. We are blessed that we didn't lose our vines with the cold weather last winter and we look forward to some great 2010 wines.


google said...

I talked to Carol at the Woodland Park Wine Festival.. She said she closed her whole shop.. We need a wine tasting room in Colorado Springs...When will this years harvest be released, in 2011??

Have fun this weekend at the Festival! Wished I could be there.

Justin said...

Yeah. The whites could be ready as early as January but the reds need to sit in oak barrels for about a year. We are just getting ready to bottle the '09 red wine.