Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Second Annual Harvest Dinner at BookCliff Vineyards' winery

We had a great time last year at the harvest dinner where we served authentic German onion tart with new wine (red wine fermented for seven days, still sweet but with a spritz). The menu promises a great experience of rich flavors. To continue the tradition we will be serving Zwiebelkuchen, the onion tart that pairs so well with the new wine. In Germany, during grape harvest season, neighborhood bakeries sell onion tarts to go with the new wine that can be purchased from farmers in the countryside. This is a great way to celebrate this special season.

Potato soup with sausage
Onion tart with tomato garnish
Veal stew with mushrooms served in a puff pastry and bib lettuce
Plum cake with whipped cream

Date: Saturday, November 5th, 2011
Time: 6:00pm
Cost: $60.00
Location: 1501 Lee Hill Road Unit #17, Boulder, CO 80303 (BookCliff Vineyards winery
Reservations: [Click Here]

Come join us for a great time and unique experience

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