Saturday, November 26, 2011

Great Fun at the Holiday Market

If you missed the Good Life Holiday Market at BookCliff there are three things you can do

  1. Find out what it was like. Here is what one person said: "The mood of the event was similar to a casual party, which made everyone feel comfortable and as a result some people stayed for the whole event and enjoyed themselves. "

  2. Read the article Toni wrote about the market. She was so impressed about getting to try fresh spinach from the Black Cat Farm and taste some local wine.

  3. Check out our events page at to see whether there is another opportunity for you to experience the Good Life Holiday market.

We may do this again on December 18th, so people who missed it get another chance and for people who ate all the cheese. pork, ducks, vegetables and pies to come and restock for the holiday meal.

See you then.

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