Friday, January 13, 2012

Touch of Red

Many of you have tasted and fallen in love with our wine called Touch of Red. The Touch of Red is a sweet red wine that is slightly darker in color than the typical rosé. In order to make this wine we utilize all of our red grapes and the juice from them. The color, tannins, flavors, etc. in red wine come from the skins of the grapes. In order to make our dry reds deeper and to get more extraction from the skins, we remove juice from the fermentation bins but leave behind the skins. This increases the proportion of skins to juice and in turn makes a more flavorful wine. That juice that is removed goes into two separate tanks. Into one of these tanks we add yeast to start fermentation.  This will be made into a completely dry (no sweetness!) rosé. The other tank will be kept as straight juice, super-sweet and delicious. Now because we removed the juice from the skins quickly, they only gave a little color to the juice; this is why you have pink wine. Once the tank with the wine is done fermenting, we do some tasting trials and finally add the juice into the wine. It usually is around 25% juice going into the final blend. This gives you a sweet rosé that is delicious on its own but also great for sangria or add Prosecco for a nice sparkling treat. We recommend it served chilled and it is great with spicy food or with desserts. Chocolate dipped strawberries are my favorite!

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