Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Have a Blind Tasting Party

This is what we did just recently at BookCliff Vineyards. We got together and tasted five different white blends, which made for a fun and informative experience. We put all the bottles in brown bags and numbered them before we proceeded to taste. Here are some of the comments. For example our number two wine received the following two comments (1) Apples, nose is different from taste, (2) Good tart clean taste. Here are the wines we tasted:
  1. Evolution from Sokol Blosser
  2. Conundrum from Conundrum Wine
  3. 47-ten White from Canyon Wind
  4. Fly over White from Foris Winery
  5. Friday's Folly White from BookCliff Vineyards
You can have an entertaining evening with your friends. Go buy five or six wines, uncork, put them in brown bags, number and GO.

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