Thursday, May 1, 2014

Vineyard Irrigation

John, Owner/Winemaker at BookCliff Vineyards
BookCliff Vineyards is excited to irrigate with the new microsprinkler system! The system is our latest addition and hangs in-line with the vines, about 18 inches from the ground, providing water below the canopy. This type of irrigation system is replacing the original surface irrigation furrows used throughout the vineyards. Our soils are categorized as sandy loam, clay. The microsprinklers will ensure efficient water penetration, allow for cover crop flexibility and help drive salts away from the vines’ root zones. Salts carry Potassium up the vine system, a result from the furrow system, which resulted in higher pH in the fruit; the microsprinklers will help balance the acid and sugar levels in the grapes by pushing salts away. Having the ability to plant cover crops, such as clover, is satisfying, knowing the soils are being provided with enough Nitrogen, which is important for the health of the vineyards. Sprinkler systems are often used for cooling and frost/freeze protection, which will hopefully increase fruit production, as Colorado has experienced winter frosts and crop damage. Overall, I think this is a great investment for Colorado’s grapes and we hope to see progress in the vineyards! Cheers!

Citation:  Irrigation Systems

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