Wednesday, July 20, 2011

BookCliff at the Longmont Farmers Market

2011 is the first year BookCliff Vineyards participates in the Longmont Farmers Market. What a welcome we received. I did not expect that we would find so many loyal customers who come back week after week. One reason may be is that we offer tastes at the Longmont Farmers Market. All our wines are open for tasting (12 total) and sometimes we taste the dessert wines as well. The Longmont Farmers Market has grown quite a bit; 14 new vendors were added in 2011. The food court is in the center and live music can be found all around the market. Come and see us, if you are in the neighborhood.


Kim Kolb said...

How Awesome! I think I would go to my Farmers Market every week if I knew I could taste and buy the wines! Kudos to you!

Anonymous said...

Are you still at the market this Saturday, Aug 25, and do you have the Cabernet Franc? Love your Cabernet Franc, which I first got to know at Terroir in Longmont, where I live.