Tuesday, July 12, 2011

BookCliff wines reviewed by Gary Vaynerchuk

Back in April Gary Vaynerchuk came to Boulder to talk about his book "The Thank You Economy" at the Boulder Book Store. Gary owns a liquor store in New Jersey. He expanded from selling wines from shelves to selling wine online. Gary has a regular blog where he reviews wines from all across the world. When he reviewed a wine from Guy Drew winery in Cortez, Colorado (episode 26) earlier this year, Gary said he was on a mission to explore "the other 46" states. John submitted some BookCliff wine and Gary reviewed the 2009 Ensemble from BookCliff along with Canyon Wind's Petit Verdot on 7/11/11 in episode 77.

Check out the Daily Grape by Gary Vaynerchuk and chat with other wine lovers.


Kim Kolb said...

Good Job Guys!

Jon Troutman said...

Great work, guys! BookCliff and all your Colorado counterparts are making some very impressive wines. Keep up all the great work.