Thursday, May 10, 2012

Late Harvest Muscat Blanc

It's back! The Late Harvest Muscat Blanc is finally bottled and available at the tasting room. This dessert wine is just bursting with fruit and floral aromas and flavors but is delicate with a crisp finish. You'll taste apples, peaches and pears with just a hint of spice. Because of this wonderful fruitiness, it pairs well with any kind of fruit dessert; like apple pie or pear tarts.
The term "late harvest" indicates that the grapes were left on the vine longer than normal. By remaining on the vine, the grapes become sweeter and riper which in turn leads to a rich, fruity wine. It is similar to an ice wine but the grapes are not left on the vine to freeze like with a true ice wine. We hand pick the grapes, crush them, add yeast; and when it gets to a level of sweetness that we like, we filter it to stop fermentation.
Many of you who have driven through Palisade in the late summer may have noticed that the vines are covered with nets. Those nets protect the grapes from all those hungry birds. Birds (as well as other animals) love those yummy grapes, especially as they stay on the vine and get sweeter. Without the nets we could lose a whole crop. Come in this weekend to try it!

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