Thursday, August 30, 2012

The 2012 harvest is in Progress

2012 Chardonnay grapes

The 2012 spring was early and warm resulting in the vines butting out much earlier especially compared to 2011 which was a cool  and late spring. 2012 and 2011 could not be more different. In addition to the cool temperatures the spring run off was plentiful in 2011 thanks to the snow pack in the mountains. 2012 hardly saw a run off and the Colorado river was low for the entire spring season. As a result we find ourselves harvesting the grapes in August which has never happened before in our relatively short history of owning vineyards for 16 years. We picked Chardonnay on August 20th for sale to Plum Creek Winery in Palisade. Right after Labor Day we will pick some more Chardonnay and the Tempranillo and Muscat Blanc as well. We usually did not start harvest until the third weekend of September. The good news is we will be done sooner and won't have to crush and press in November when the days are shorter and it is dark earlier.
Tasting grapes for ripeness

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WineyWomen said...

the news was saying the Midwest would be having a good grape season! Can't wait to try it!