Wednesday, August 1, 2012

2011 Zinfandel

Wow! A Zinfandel from Colorado! We recently bottled 251 cases of our first ever Zin and we are really excited about it. Our vineyard manager, Prescott, has some Zin vines and we thought why not try a CO Zin. It turned out to be really nice with everything you would expect from a great Zinfandel. Boldly fruit-forward with jammy dark cherry, blackberry, anise and pepper flavors. This is a great wine for burgers and barbeque.

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Cindy Vien said...

My husband's Father loves to make his own wine and his perfectly done it over the last over 10 years and is really great at it! They all really love wine in their family! I told my husband that he should bottle his own wine and sell since he has producede a lot of his own bottles, picking his own produce at the beautiful cottage he built about 15 years ago! He is a virgo like me and my twin sister, and hence forth a perfectionist when he follows his passions/and hobbies!