Friday, February 21, 2014

Keeping Food & Wine Simple and Fun

Whenever you are trying to decide which wine to pair with a certain food, keep it simple. Follow a couple of easy rules and you will have a nice combination. Keep the pairing similar. You don't want to have one item overpower the other. If your food dish tends to be on the heavy side, pair it with a heavy, full-bodied wine. If you are serving a light, delicate dish, then pair it with a light, lovely wine. If you come across a tangy dish, think about a wine that will exhibit bright, zippy notes!
BookCliff Vineyards paired chocolate and wine last weekend for a special Valentine's event. We kept it simple with pairing a smooth, round Malbec with our smooth, soft cherry chocolate pieces. We had our sweet Touch of Red paired up with a sweeter white chocolate, containing dried fruits and nuts, and finally our Port with a coffee-style dark chocolate. Coming up in March, we will be hosting a wine and cheese pairing class. Here, you will be able to relax and have fun while pairing BookCliff wines with cheese from Haystack Mountain Goat Cheese. For more information and reservations, visit our events page. Happy pairing everyone! Cheers!

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