Friday, February 7, 2014

Warm up with Chambourcin

Colorado has been experiencing some extremely cold temperatures. Many folks have had trouble starting their cars and keeping their homes warm with temperatures dropping into negative degrees. Palisade is typically warmer than Denver, including its surrounding areas. Boulder averages temperatures between 25-26 degrees F  during January and February, while Palisade averages temperatures between 30-36 degrees F during the same months. The average annual snowfall in Palisade is 3.1 inches during February, compared to 12.7 inches in Boulder. BookCliff's vineyards are overseen by Prescott, our vineyard manager. He pays close attention to the conditions of the vines and works hard to bring forth the best crop possible. The winter is always worrisome with the vineyards and we can only hope for better results each year.

Chambourcin is one of our hybrid varietals that can withstand temperatures from 0 to -5 degrees F. It produces a dark purple wine, exhibiting notes of black cherries, spice and plum. Stop by our tasting room to check it out! Stay warm!
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